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I'm not sure if the title is the correct description to my problem.

Given a PDF file, how can I convert it to another PDF with only images, like some scanned ebooks?

I want to publish a PDF on the web but don't want the content to be extracted by search engine.

Ideally I'd like to have a command line tool that can be run in Linux and/or OS X.

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I guess that you are aware that in order to get a reasonably readable result, your resolution has to be sufficiently high, which means that the file sizes get rather high. PDF is among the most compact file format for documents. Concerning disclosure towards search engines, I am not quite sure, but I think that the search engines can not deal with encrypted (using a master password) documents. –  Max Wyss Apr 15 at 16:58

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Maybe you can try to convert the file into images and then convert it again in pdf.

THIS can help you!


Good luck

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I would recommend MuPDF if you want to convert your document to images. It is available on most major platforms and is very fast at converting docs on a page by page basis to PNG files. You can find some examples on how to convert a document on the following page:


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