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I have created a web service flow in Camel (with cxf) that exposes a simple web service. However, it needs to be integrated with an external system that take in part of SOAP request as XML (EXT.OUT quque) and responds back via XML (EXT.IN queue) as shown in the figure below.

I do not have control over the behaviour of the external system, but I want to ensure the SOAP response is generated (i.e. from XML) based on the response I get from EXT.IN queue.

enter image description here

So far my flow looks as follows:

from("cxf:bean:myCamelWSEndpoint") // #1
  .transform().simple("${in.body[0]}") // #2 get Body object
  .process(soapToXmlProcessorRef) // #3 Processor that sets the exchange.out.body to some xml snippet
  .to(ExchangePattern.InOut, "activemq:queue:EXT.OUT") // #4 sends XML to EXT.OUT queue
  .process(xmlToSoapProcessorRef) // #5 Processor that generates SOAP response object from incoming XML snippet

I've tested the rest of the logic of my flow by creating a mock EXT.OUT queue that simply generates the XML and returns it.

I would like to know how do I specify it to wait for a response that get sent to EXT.IN queue between steps #4 and #5 above?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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The route will continue processing your exchange in step #5 if you either receive the response or a timeout occurs (20 seconds is the default). So as far as I understand it already does what you want. –  Ralf Apr 14 '14 at 9:28

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Use pollEnrich("activemq:queue:EXT.IN").

Simplified test routes:

    .log("Received message from EXT.OUT and sent it to EXT.IN: ${body}")
    .setBody(constant("I was on the moon!"))

    .log("Send message to EXT.OUT")
    .to("activemq:queue:EXT.OUT") // sends XML to EXT.OUT queue
    .log("Wait until message from EXT.IN is received and enrich")
    .log("Finally: ${body}");

Starting the route:

final ProducerTemplate template = context.createProducerTemplate();
template.sendBody("direct:start", "Hello, World!");

The output should be as follows:

[                          main] route2 INFO  Send message to EXT.OUT
[                          main] route2 INFO  Wait until message from EXT.IN is received and enrich
[read #0 - JmsConsumer[EXT.OUT]] route1 INFO  Received message from EXT.OUT and sent it to EXT.IN: Hello, World!
[                          main] route2 INFO  Finally: I was on the moon!
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