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This may not be a direct programming question but I am in desperate need of this and if you people feel that the question is irrelevant , please do close it but after the answer.

Like if we visit www.asp.net we will get the videos(free and down loadable) for asp.net, ajax etc.).

Likewise, which is the site from where I can get the free videos and ofcourse downloadable for SSIS , SSAS , SSRS.

I searched in net and come across Sql Share but it is not downloadable. What is other good sites from where I can get those?


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You can also try TrainingSpot.com. It is not a free site but offers video tutorials of the material you're looking to study. Example: http://www.trainingspot.com/VideoLibrary/SQL/SSIS_101.aspx

i'm not a member of the site but i have used their partner site LearnVisualStudio and it's decent. i would expect the partner site to be decent as well. Also, they have free videos so you can check it out, though probably not exactly what you're looking for and the cost of the site is the same as a hardcover book. Not bad.

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For SSAS Check out http://www.learnmicrosoftbi.com/

There are over 30 videos covering many topics, for example:

The fifteenth video is "Dimension Usage" and discusses how cubes handle multiple fact tables when the facts have different dimensionality. You'll discover why you need multiple fact tables, how dimensions can be related to measure groups, and how to handle unrelated dimensions when viewing facts. This video runs 19 minutes.

The videos are free and well done IMO, downloading the videos requires (free) registration.

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I record a few BI videos as a part of my hobby (everything is available absolutely free of cost) Check them out here and let me know of your feedback

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Try msdev.com, specifically the SQL Server category. They've got a series of videos on SQL Server (including the topics you list) and many other Microsoft technologies.

Select a video course and use the Download Video link.

I think you'll find the site very useful.

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Thanks Jay is really very useful. – Sreedhar Feb 22 '10 at 10:32
Msdev is really recommended. You can also run (for free) virtual labs on most topics covering BI aspects on the Microsoft Platform. – cairnz Apr 2 '10 at 20:41

You're going to struggle to find a better offering than Pluralsight.

I'm just going through their material on SSAS and it's very good.

They've got courses on all kinds of good stuff and although it ain't cheap, it's well worth the subscription fee. Plus, you can get your first 200 hours on a free trial.


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My colleague in Wise Owl has recorded a full series of videos for Reporting Services.

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