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Is it possible to have a synchronous camel activemq queue (e.g. MY_QUEUE) with the following properties:

  1. MY_QUEUE sends its input to EXT_QUEUE.REQ (straightforward)
  2. Generate the response for MY_QUEUE from EXT_QUEUE.RES (not sure how to!)

and the populate the response body for MY_QUEUE from EXT_QUEUE.RES, where MY_QUEUE, EXT_QUEUE.REQ and EXT_QUEUE.RES are all activemq queues.


If so, how may I go about configuring it?


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I think what you want is a route somewhere along the line of this:

    <from uri="activemq:queue:MY_QUEUE?exchangePattern=InOut"/>
    <bean ref="myConverter" method="prepExternalCall"/>
    <enrich uri="activemq:queue:EXT_QUEUE.REQ?replyTo=EXT_QUEUE.REQ.RES&amp;replyToType=Shared"/>
    <bean ref="myConverter" method="postProcessResponse"/>

After the method postProcessResponse(Exchange ex) returns, the exchange is sent back to MY_QUEUE (enforced by the query parameter exchangePattern=InOut) if a JMS reploy-to destination has been set by the sender. The processing is synchronous in the sense that the next message is only picked up from MY_QUEUE after the response to the current message has been sent.

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