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Is there any way that I can create a program where it gives input to another file and and collects its output?

The best that google give me is this. And I tried to recreate (read: copying the code in some unknown manner (read: stabbing in the dark))

And I got this

import time
process.stdin.write("3 5")
print process.stdout.read()

And it gives me error

  File "D:\Pekerjaan non website\IO\reader.py", line 3, in <module>
NameError: name 'subprocess' is not defined

Can anybody tell me how to create that program. (

Note: I have no knowledge in this kind of program I/O or subprocess

Note: It's up to you. Where you will explain this from my code or throw my code away and explain this from zero.

Thank you beforehand.

(PS: If my previous statement is confusing. My point is simple: Can you teach me? :))

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subprocess is a stdlib module that you need to import (the same way time is) - so you just need to:

import subprocess

some time before you try to use the functions in it (usually, you want to do this near the top of your code, right underneath your current import time).

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In addition to lvc's answer you should consider using Popen.communicate(). something like,

import subprocess
res=process.communicate("3 5")
print res[0]

In this way you don't have to use that sleep command.it'll Wait for process to terminate and return a tuple as (stdoutdata, stderrdata).

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