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Is there any way possible that we can edit the attachment content on the way from the using camel. I am facing an issue where additional junk characters are getting introduced in the attachement due to which i am getting an getting an exception like this.

com.sun.mail.util.DecodingException: BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed at least 2 valid base64 characters, but only got 0 before padding.

I am using IMAP protocol and tried using the

props.setProperty("mail.imaps.partialfetch", "false")   

but it did not work.

I am able to get the data using the following statement and want to ignore some special characters that are getting inserted additionally.

// get the content and convert it to byte[] 
byte[] data = exchange.getContext().getTypeConverter()
              .convertTo(byte[].class, dh.getInputStream());

Any help or pointers would be of great help..

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