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I have been trying to develop an OCR engine by myself. After researching the topic a bit I have come to the conclusion that there are 4 major steps involved :

  1. Pre-processing the image [de-skewing, image contrast, binarize, etc.]
  2. Segment the image into the characters [to make it easier to process each character individually]
  3. Identify the chracter through feature extraction / comparison and classification.
  4. Post-processing the image [to increase the chances of getting an optimal solution.]

I am hopelessly lost after the 1st step! Can somebody please help me out by telling how to perform character segregation & feature extraction ? I'll be extremely grateful even if you can provide me a link which points me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! :)

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There is a paper called self-tuning spectral clustering by Zelnik-Manor and Perona. Here is the link to their page for paper and code written in Matlab:

Self-Tuning Spectral Clustering

This method can perform image segmentation. Another thing you may want to look into is topic-modeling on images for feature extraction. Anything by Blei will also be useful.

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Thank You very much for the same RDizzl3. That has proved quite helpful. :) –  vsdaking Apr 17 '14 at 2:10

The Computer Vision System Toolbox now has the ocr function that can save you the trouble.

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Hi Dima. Thanks for the same. However, our college computers have MATLAB R2013a - which doesn't have the 'ocr' functionality yet. Moreover, I wish to develop the OCR structure, myself, more out of interest than compulsion. –  vsdaking Apr 17 '14 at 2:08
Although, I am still in the process of developing the same, I would recommend all novices of this field, akin to me, read the following book - Character Recognition Systems - A Guide for Students and Practitioners by Cheriet, Kharma, Liu, and Suen. Lastly, once I finish the development of the same, I shall update this question also accordingly. :) –  vsdaking Apr 17 '14 at 2:12

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