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EDIT2: This goes to the top for a reason. This question is asked wrong, but I won´t change the title, since maybe other people are caught in this misstake. I am NOT looking for an "average" - I merely want to exit with the first "false" in an array. My though to this questions were quite twisted - therefore I asked the wrong question. Anyway: As stated, I won´t change the question itself.

What I want to do is basically calculate something like a boolean average of an array. I know about booleans and that they are not meant to be something with an average, but please read on to see what I am doing.

My array looks like this:

$array = array(

I now want to get an AND-operation done on this array to see, if everything in there is true or if a subfunction returned false. This is basically a list of results from different subfunctions.

This specific example then should return false, because $array[1] is false.


What I am looking for is a builtin PHP-function which seems not to exists. A custom implementation has the advantage to exit the iteration over this array in comparison to in_array() which might not do this.

Can you help me out, stackoverflow?

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check out my code, that would work for you I think :). –  Xatenev Apr 14 at 7:49

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Come on, it would appear you didn't even try:

function checkArray(array $in)
    foreach ($in as $bool)
        if (!$bool)//replace with type&value checking if that's what you're after
            return false;
    return true;
var_dump(checkArray(array(true, false, true, true)));//false
var_dump(checkArray(array(true, true)));//true

There are, of course, a bunch of alternative ways to do what you want/need, depending on what the actual data will look like. If it's all booleans:

if (array_sum($array) != count($array))
{//true == 1, array_sum(array(true, true)) == count(array(true, true)) == 2
    echo 'array contains false, or non-boolean values, like 123';
//for a real average:
$avg = round(array_sum($array)/count($array));

The latter will yield 1 if 50%>= of the values in the array are true, and 0 otherwise. It's then a simple matter of casting that value to a boolean to get the "average bool value":

$avg = (bool) round(

or, for example:

$valsAsKey = array_flip(
        'intval',//make ints
if (isset($valsAsKey[0]))
{//(int) false === 0
    echo 'False in array';

Though these approaches don't use iteration explicitly, they do iterate the array data implicitly. A quick test did show that the simple foreach outperformed the other approaches here.

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I forgot to state, that I would dislike an iterative approach, since the array could grow quite big. Sorry for that :/ –  Peter Ukena Apr 14 at 7:30
@PeterUkena: At some point, if you want to find something in an array, you'll have to iterate it. If you use in_array, you don't see the loop (as in: you don't write one yourself), but in_array does iterate the data, regardless. The advantage of iterating yourself is that you can return inside the loop, as soon as you find a non-true value, which avoids traversing the array in its entirety –  Elias Van Ootegem Apr 14 at 7:36
I know that as well. Gosh, I need some coffee - sorry for beeing so unclear and stupid. :D To put it this way: There seems not to be a builtin PHP-function that does, what I described. I can use an own implementation or in_array() which both is kind of okay for my needs. I guess, the point that I can cancel the interation in an own implementation is the key here. Thanks for clearing that up. :) –  Peter Ukena Apr 14 at 7:52
Peter Ukena, check my code. –  Xatenev Apr 14 at 7:54
Well, the big difference here is, If I create a function, I can end the iteration after the first false - which is what I should do. Otherwise I may get performance issues. By the way, I think its kind of insecure to rely on true and false beeing evaluated to 1 and 0 in arithmetics, isn´t it? –  Peter Ukena Apr 14 at 7:56

Try in_array:

$array = array(

echo in_array(false, $array);

If one of the elements is false, it will return false otherwise it returns true.

Update: in_array, returns out of the loop as soon as the searched value is matched. The worst case I suppose is when you have a single false at the end of the searched array. The linked source are for PHP 5.3.

As far as strict checking is concerned, you can do so passing in the third parameter to in_array:

echo in_array(false, $array, true);
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Is in_array fast enough for big arrays? :) –  Peter Ukena Apr 14 at 7:30
What, if there are 10 falses, and 2 trues. Then this will return true, instead of false. in_array(false,$array) –  Xatenev Apr 14 at 7:40
Thats a point. As well as the argument in the marked answer - both things led me to use an own implementation to cancel the iteration at any point I want. Thanks for this answer as well. :) –  Peter Ukena Apr 14 at 7:54
@Xatenev, I understood from the question description that the OP was looking to search for false in an array. You're right the question, however asks to find average! –  vee Apr 14 at 8:37
@PeterUkena, in_array should exit out of the loop as soon as the searched element is found. Please see the updated answer for more on this. Also, you can pass the third parameter $strict = true to include type checking as well, as shown in the updated answer. –  vee Apr 14 at 8:40

I have tried around a lot, until i came to this final result.

This is my code:


$array = array();

$array[] = true;
$array[] = false;
$array[] = false;
$array[] = true;
$array[] = false;

if((count($array)/2) <= array_sum($array)){
    echo "true";

    // return true
} else {
    echo "false";

    // return false

it counts the elements of the array, and compares it with the COUNTED trues (array_sum($array)). Then it returns true or false, dependent on result.

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You could iterate through the array and set a result to false if any vals are false;

$result = true;
foreach ($array as $v) {
  if ($v===false) $result = false;
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You can use array_filter without callback. In this case all entries of array equal to false will be removed.

if (count(array_filter($array)) == count($array)) echo 'TRUE';
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