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I am trying to generate traces of GPGPU benchmarks on X86 cpu using GPUocelot. For this reason, I am compiling the benchmarks with -locelot and -locelotTrace linker flags. My benchmarks compile and execute fine. However, traces are not getting generated.

compile command:

nvcc -arch=sm_20 bfs.cu -o bfs -locelot -locelotTrace

libocelot.so and libocelotTrace.so are located in /usr/local/lib and LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib.

I verified the shared libraries that are linked to this binary using ldd. I can see that libocelot.so is linked but I don't see libocelottrace.so.

I think this is the issue that's resulting in traces not getting generated. How can I make sure the binary is linked to libocelottrace.so?

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From what I can see enabling trace in gpuocelot is more involved than just linking in another library. If the library is not getting linked in, perhaps it's because you haven't taken the necessary steps to enable trace in your code base, and thus there is no dependency on the trace library (note the mention of --as-needed below). –  Robert Crovella Apr 17 at 16:43

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I can see that libocelot.so is linked but I don't see libocelottrace.so

This is likely because

  • Your compiler uses --as-needed linker flag (you should see that if you invoke nvcc with -v flag), and
  • Your command line is incorrect. Try nvcc -arch=sm_20 bfs.cu -o bfs -locelotTrace -locelot instead (the order of libraries on command line matters).
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