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My JSP receives an ArrayList of beans from a Struts2 action.

I want to iterate over them and print every bean and its properties per line.

How can I do this using Struts2 tags?

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Use <s:iterator> tag.

<s:iterator value="beans">
     <p>Property foo: <s:property name="foo" /></p>
     <p>Property bar: <s:property name="bar" /></p>

An overview of all tags can be found in their own documentation: tag reference. Bookmark it.

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I did something similar in my basic application.

Here searchForm is bean and ArrayList is results

<logic:present name="searchForm" property="results">
    <bean:size id="size" name="searchForm" property="results"/>
   <logic:greaterThan name="size" value="0">
       <logic:iterate id="res" name="searchForm" property="results">
         <bean:write name="res" property="firstname" />
         <bean:write name="res" property="lastname" />
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To do this with struts2 you need iterator:

<s:iterator value="collection">
Describe object

But I suggest to use displaytag: http://www.displaytag.org/1.2/ With only 1 row it describes all the bean and you can do also sorting and export. Here an example of use:

<display:table name="collection" />

and it generate a table, a thead and the tbody.

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Here is a working example(Netbeans 6.9 project) illustrating how to iterate over an array or list of objects.

Also, how to submit the form such that the list of objects gets re-created on submission.

Simply resolve the references and get going.

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Using JSTL:

<c:forEach items="${list}" var="item">
    <c:out value="${item.property}" />

You will have to add JSTL to the classpath, because it isn't shipped with Struts, but it shoul work. Of course, using struts' own tag (as shown by BalusC) is a better option.

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Im using struts2 . –  Anand Feb 21 '10 at 12:55
@lakshmanan I don't think there is a problem to use JSTL with struts2 –  Bozho Feb 21 '10 at 18:23

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