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I want to set an automatic thousand separator to my edittext. I did it with an textwatcher. In

public void afterTextChanged(Editable s) 

i save the current value of my edittext, format it with

        public void afterTextChanged(Editable s) {

            double tmp = getDoubleValue();




But the Keyboard from my Galaxy Tab doesn't care If I clear the editable. It keeps the current input and fills the edittext with the complete number. A short example:

I type "1", the keyboard inserts "1", the edittext shows "1".
I type "2", the keyboard inserts "12", the edittext shows "112"
I type "3", the keyboard inserts "123", the edittext shows "112.123"
I press the delete button, the keyboard inserts "12", the edittext shows "11.212.312" I press the delete button again, the keyboard inserts "1", the edittext shows "112.123.121"

My question is: how can I disable this keyboardfeature?enter image description here

or how can I clean this keyboard "cache"?

If I use inputtype "numberDecimal", it works but I can't use points as thousand separators(but it is needed in germany), because they will be interpreted as decimal mark and there can only be one.

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I am not sure if you can clean the cache, but how about disabling the suggestion bar.. you can do that programatically:


or you can deactivate in your EditText XML tag.. you can set:

   .... />

you can use this value too but unfortunately it doesn't work in all devices specially HTC



Sometimes it doesn't work because it's up to the implementation of the keyboard to do the right thing including the Flags.. However, everything has a workaround can you try the following code in XML:


or in Java:


and give me a feedback if it worked or not..

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I tried it, but it has no effect, I use Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 –  Ef Ge Apr 14 at 9:29
the suggestion bar is still showing? or it is not showing yet the problem remains? –  Coderji Apr 14 at 9:33
the suggestion bar is still showing. I tried it with noSuggestions, textfilter, visiblePassword in xml and code –  Ef Ge Apr 14 at 9:36
Please check the edited part hope it works –  Coderji Apr 14 at 9:42
Thank you very much, InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_NO_SUGGESTIONS | InputType.TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_VISIBLE_PASSWORD works for me :) –  Ef Ge Apr 14 at 9:45

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