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What would be the best way to make it possible to upload many pictures at once to some cms page? or alternatively, how can I change the admin template/view to make it work? is there a nice way to achieve it?

(I'm working withe the default picture plugin)

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why don't you use gallery plugin? where you can add many images at once. –  CrazyGeek Apr 14 at 9:48
@CrazyGeek tnx, Ill check it, but nevertheless it could be nice to do it with the build-in picture plugin –  YardenST Apr 14 at 10:45
Ok, than you can add a text plugin in that plugin create a normal html table, So click on each row and add sub plugin i.e. picture plugin. This will help you as you want. –  CrazyGeek Apr 14 at 10:53
it still requires me to add each plugin one by one, I would like to select many images from my computer and upload them. I know of course how to make this functionality, but don't know how to integrate it with the cms –  YardenST Apr 14 at 11:03
I think picture plugin does not support multiple uploads So in that case you need to use normal html5's file input with multiple upload option enable and handle all uploads programmatically in JS. –  CrazyGeek Apr 14 at 11:29
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picture plugin does not support multiple uploads. why don't you use gallery plugin? where you can add many images at once.

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