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Iam using the 7zBinding lib and i want to extract one specific file that i know how it is named. My problem is, it shows my the hole files in there. In that 7z are just .txt files. I got this Java Code But I dont get it to work, someone give me a hand? I tried to the Index Int and return that file to console. And I tried to get it over getPath(). But nothing worked.

Edit: If i set the Int Index manually it works fine. Can someone tell me how ill do it that it picks that Index and search for that file in that 7z?

Edit2: This Code works, its get that one File that you want to extract

    String file = "test.7z";
    String Id   = "2463051.txt";

    RandomAccessFile randomAccessFile = null;
    ISevenZipInArchive inArchive = null;

    final int index = 2;

    try {
        randomAccessFile = new RandomAccessFile(file, "r");
        inArchive = SevenZip.openInArchive(null, // autodetekt des Archivesystems
               ( new RandomAccessFileInStream(randomAccessFile)));

        ISimpleInArchive simpleInArchive = inArchive.getSimpleInterface();
        int count = inArchive.getNumberOfItems();

        for (int index = 0; ; index < count; index++) {

            if (Id.equals(inArchive.getProperty(index, PropID.PATH))) {

                    ISimpleInArchiveItem item = simpleInArchive.getArchiveItem(index);
                    System.out.println(ArchiveInputStreamHandler.slurp(new ArchiveInputStreamHandler(item).getInputStream(),1000));

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