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My Captiveportal shows very strange behavior. Occasionally (2-3 times in 5-6 days) it returns standard php error about exhausted allowed memory size. Logs says that in this moment FreeRadius does not answer

Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received

That is why captiveportal does not work. Why this happens?

This error disappear if I restart FreeRadius and Captiveportal.

I know that MySql is up and available.

My installation is Pfsense 2.1-RELEASE (amd64), Memory 2 Gb FreeRadius + Mysql +Captiveportal

Any idea, please?

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It would be due to high resource utilization, you could try to increase the memory_limit variable in your php.ini.

you should also see if there are any memory leaks in your application, like executing certain section hogs up most memory,and try to optimise that

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