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I need to be able to search for a specific text in an external aspx page. I know how to search a text, but not how to get an external source code. For example, if I would have opened the aspx page in my browser, I would get a result html page. I would like to call a function that will get that result as a text (the source code of the result) and would return it to me as a text.

function GetHtmlSourceCode(link,text)
   var resultSource = GETSOURCE(link);
   return resultSource;

What is that GETSOURCE I should use?

P.S I do not want to use Iframe or anything of that sort, it should be a background operation. I can only use IE 8 with ActiveX. no jquery.

Thank you in advance!

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It's not possible in modern browsers as they respect the header


The browser will not make the call to retrieve pages not within the current domain unless the target page sends a header which tells the browser that it allows pages from that domain to access pages from itself. It's a security feature.

If you have control over the target page, you can send the following headers to enable page retrieval across domains.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * 
Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST 

Change * to your domain to restrict access to only your domain

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Well I'm not trying to access anything that a user cannot access. If I right click a loaded page and click "View Source" I would get the source code that I need. I'm sure there's a way to get the result html code of a page I can normaly view. –  Yoavhayun Apr 18 at 0:19
Not through javascript from a standard browser –  shrmn Apr 18 at 0:50

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