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I'm a newby to breeze and wonder if it is possible to run local queries against entities that have been fetched using a REST service like in Edmunds sample.

Is it possible to execute local queries using breeze EntityManager after reading the entities from a remote REST service?

I tried to extend Edmunds sample app with a local query that will be called after all Makes have been loaded: ''' var query = breeze.EntityQuery .from("Make:#Edmunds") .where("niceName", "startsWith", "A") return manager.executeQueryLocally(query).then(returnResults); '''

When I execute the query I get the following Exception:

''' "Cannot find an entityType for resourceName: 'Make:#Edmunds'. Consider adding an 'EntityQuery.toType' call to your query or calling the MetadataStore.setEntityTypeForResourceName method to register an entityType for this resourceName." '''

What is wrong or missing here? How could I make the local query run?

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Breeze is interpretting your query .from() parameter as a resource instead of as a type. (which you appear to be trying to set)

To let Breeze know which type of entity you are trying to query, simply do as it suggest - chain a toType call onto your query -

var query = breeze.EntityQuery .from("Make:#Edmunds").where("niceName", "startsWith", "A").toType('Make')
return manager.executeQueryLocally(query).then(returnResults); 
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manager.executeQueryLocally(query) returns the results synchronously - not a promise. It should read: var results = manager.executeQueryLocally(query); –  Jeff Jul 17 '14 at 21:50

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