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I want to make a SMS sender which will send SMS to mobile phones. I have searched regarding this topic but all I found was SMS Sender using GSM reader. I do not want to use GSM reader so my question is what is the best way to create a SMS reader using C# and Windows forms without using the GSM reader method? I am a beginner and any help will be appreciated.

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It depends on what resources you have: you can buy sms service from any gsm provider and send thousands of sms very fast, you can use your phone connected by cable to send sms... –  VikciaR Apr 14 at 11:28

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Sending SMS is not something that is particularly easy if you are a beginner to programming and there is alot involved if you want to program this without leveraging some 3rd party libraries and api's.

One of the most popular providers for sending SMS would be Twilio (I have no affiliation), you can find their website here: http://www.twilio.com/sms

Sending SMS requires an SMS server which I am presuming you don't already have, this is what providers like Twilio provide you with however you will need to pay for the service.

Take a look at their C# API which seems fairly simple to get going as they provide examples.

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