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I'm decoding AAC data into RAW PCM using https://code.google.com/p/javacv/.

When I try to play the decoded stream, I can make out the words said but the voice is choppy.

I have many permutations and combinations, yet I'm stuck with the same quality. If someone could point me to the proper documentation or suggest ways to improve the quality, I would be really grateful.

Edit: More information

  1. The data is AAC Mono
  2. The pitch sounds correct
  3. I'm not converting sample rates (Currently 22050 KHz)
  4. The data is in the Big Endian form.

Edit2: Code added

public short[] decodeFromAAC(byte[] receivedData, long timestamp) {
     * Determine if the frame is a Data Frame or Key. Frame 1 = Data 0 = Key
     * Frame
    // frameFlag = adata[1];

    if ((returnValue = avcodec.avcodec_open2(audioContext, codec, (PointerPointer) null)) < 0) {
        Log.d("showit", "avcodec_open2() error " + returnValue + ": Could not open audio codec.");
    } else {
        /* First two bytes determine the type of encoding */
        requiredFrame = Arrays.copyOfRange(receivedData, 2, receivedData.length);
        encodedData = new BytePointer(requiredFrame);

        if ((decodedFrame = avcodec.avcodec_alloc_frame()) == null) {
            Log.e("showit", "avcodec_alloc_frame() error: Could not allocate audio frame.");
        } else {
            /* Required for god knows what reason */

            decodedFrameLength = avcodec.avcodec_decode_audio4(audioContext, decodedFrame, isDecoded,

            Log.d("showit", "customaudiograb " + decodedFrameLength + " gotframe = " + isDecoded[0] + " pkt2.size="
                    + receivedPacket.size());

            if (decodedFrameLength <= 0) {
            } else if (isDecoded[0] != 0) {

                decodedFrameFormat = decodedFrame.format();

                noOfPlanes = avutil.av_sample_fmt_is_planar(decodedFrameFormat) != 0 ? decodedFrame.channels() : 1;

                rawSampleSize = avutil.av_samples_get_buffer_size((IntPointer) null, audioContext.channels(),
                        decodedFrame.nb_samples(), audioContext.sample_fmt(), 1) / noOfPlanes;

                sampleSize = rawSampleSize / avutil.av_get_bytes_per_sample(decodedFrameFormat);

                convertContext = swresample.swr_alloc_set_opts(null, decodedFrame.channel_layout(), 1,
                        audioContext.sample_rate(), decodedFrame.channel_layout(), decodedFrameFormat,
                        decodedFrame.sample_rate(), 0, null);

                if ((returnValue = swresample.swr_init(convertContext)) < 0) {
                    Log.e("showit", "swr_init() error " + returnValue
                            + ": Cannot initialize the conversion context.");
                } else {
                    preprocessedData = new BytePointer(avutil.av_malloc(rawSampleSize)).capacity(rawSampleSize);

                    returnValue = swresample.swr_convert(convertContext, preprocessedData,
                            decodedFrame.nb_samples(), decodedFrame.data(0), decodedFrame.nb_samples());

                    Log.d("showit", "Ret = " + returnValue + " " + preprocessedData.capacity() + " "
                            + preprocessedData.limit() + " " + preprocessedData.position());

                    tempShortBuffer = preprocessedData.asBuffer().asShortBuffer();
                    decodedAudioData = new short[tempShortBuffer.capacity()];
                    return decodedAudioData;
    return null;


The AudioTrack player of Android was initialized with the bufferSize 2048 bytes, where as the incoming data was just 512. This has reduced the lag. Now I'm dealing with the noise.

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There isn't nearly enough information here to help you. Show a code snippet to reproduce the problem you're having. Also, when you say "choppy", can you be more specific? Can you post an audio clip? Is this AAC data in stereo or mono? Does the pitch sound generally correct? Are you doing any other conversions, such as a sample rate conversion, while decoding the AAC data? Have you verified that your endianness with the PCM data is correct? – Brad Apr 15 '14 at 3:53
@Brad I have edited the question to add the details you requested. I'm trying to record a sample. Just to give you an idea, if I say "Hello one two three", I'm able to hear it as "Hell..o on..e tw..e thr..ee". I would understand if that doesn't make sense. I'll post the audio clip asap. – Gaurav Bhor Apr 15 '14 at 7:11
Also, there is a lot of noise. I'm totally new to audio processing. I have no clue about the possible reasons for the noise. – Gaurav Bhor Apr 15 '14 at 7:22
The most obvious explanation is a bug in your code. You need to post some code before anyone can help you. From your comment my guess is that you are inserting null samples. – janm Apr 15 '14 at 10:31
@GauravBhor Try switching to little endian which is much more common for PCM encoding. I suspect that's where the noise is coming from. As far as the choppiness, is it consistent in timing and is it completely silent? If so, it sounds like your decoder is writing two channels interleaved but the format header is written as mono. – Brad Apr 15 '14 at 13:31

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