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i have installed securesocial on play framework. but login keeps showing invalid credentials eventhough correct ones are entered. i extended the PasswordHasher class of secure social as the following:

public class hashPassword extends PasswordHasher {
   private final Application application;
    public hashPassword (Application application){
        this.application = application;
    public PasswordInfo hash(String plainPassword) {
        PasswordInfo info = new PasswordInfo("BCrypt",  BCrypt.hashpw(plainPassword, BCrypt.gensalt()), Scala.Option("some_salt"));
        return info;
        //return null;
    public boolean matches(PasswordInfo passwordInfo, String suppliedPassword) {
        return BCrypt.checkpw(suppliedPassword, passwordInfo.password());
        //return false;
    public String id() {
        //return this.id();
        return null;

but still the same problem. any help??

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