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I have a ViewModel in MVVMCross, which contains an entity as a property. The user has the option to clear all the data, in which case I create a new instance of the entity and assign it to the property. However, when I do this I lose all bindings and nothing on the entity gets updated anymore.

The following is an example of property I have on the ViewModel which implements INotifyPropertyChanged. The properties on the Person object also all implement INotifyPropertyChanged

public Person Person { get {return person;}  set { Set(ref person, value); }

Now when I reset the entity as follow, any changes on the View are not propagated to the Person entity.

Person = new Person();

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how I can still keep the binding after setting it to a new instance?

Thanks Mauro

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Can you edit your question to show your Set implementation and some examples of the View axml and bindings that are being lost? –  Stuart Apr 14 at 13:20

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