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I have a MongoConnection to a mongos instance. Mongos internally connects to three shards. Is there any way using which I can get the individual connection each shards or at least get the info on the shards so that I can create new connections ?

I have looked at the MongoConnection class and didn't find anything related to mongos. http://api.mongodb.org/ruby/1.3.1/Mongo/Connection.html

Mongo version 2.2 and MongoDriver 1.3.1 and language ruby

Eg: Mongos is a localhost:27107 which has shards at ,

Now My MongoConnection variable has connection to localhost:27107 is there a way from this connection I can create connections to individual shards @ etc

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Not really clear on exactly what you want to do. Clearly you want to code something, but can you clarify exactly what you expect that code to do? –  Neil Lunn Apr 14 at 11:50
@NeilLunn added more info to the question –  Gaurav Shah Apr 14 at 15:45

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