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How can I retrieve the name, message and time for any incoming notification on "whatsapp". Basically, I want to add up all incoming notification details in an array list. Please help me to get the explained code for the same.

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You are trying to catch a 3rd party notification which requires a little more work. This SO question might help you to the right track.

How to get notified when a notification is notified

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Thanks for your reply, but still I am not able to retrieve the details of the notifications. I don't want to use Notification Listener as it works over 4.3 only. :( – Prince Apr 14 '14 at 13:03

I was able to do this using Accessibility Service . Using this, you can listen to all notification on the notification bar. I listened to application-specification by adding the package name to the Accessibility Service service info , which in this case was com.whatsapp. I couldn't read the messages, but I get notified whenever a message arrives.

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thanks.. but I need the details of notification like message, name and time of arrival of notification. Please help me to get these information – Prince Apr 15 '14 at 5:28

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