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Actually I'm trying to run some test on a QML component which embeds C++ objects. Unfortunately, I'm getting some errors when I execute my tests. The C++ objects aren't recognized by the QML file. That makes also sense as the C++ objects are set in the main.cpp file.

My question is: How can I mock an context property for performing QML tests? Or other said, how can I do unit-test with mixing Qt/QML code?

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How are you running your tests? Are you writing unit tests in QML and trying to use qmltestrunner to run the tests? Are you trying to run QML inside C++ and run the tests from googlemock? Or are you doing something else? –  dobey Nov 10 '14 at 19:27

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As I understand you right, you got same problem as I. Some time ago I wrote this mock: https://bitbucket.org/troyane/qml-cpp-template (you can use that code free for your purposes).

Take a look at main.cpp, there you can see two ways of doing things:

// 1 case:
// Register type and create object at QML side
qmlRegisterType<CppClass>("CppClassModule", 1, 0, "CppClass");
QQmlApplicationEngine engine(QUrl("qrc:///qml/main.qml"));
qDebug() << "Qt version: " << qVersion();
// 2 case:
// Create object here and "move it up" to QML side
// engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("cppClass", new CppClass);

Good luck!

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