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I’m trying to draw a set of points captured with GPS in lat/lon on a view canvas but i’m not having success doing it. I believe the problem is the conversion i’m making from lat/lon to x/y. I tried doing it in a several different ways but with no success.

Using the mercator projection and the formulas below from Covert latitude/longitude point to a pixels (x,y) on mercator projection i get the X and Y:

latitude    = 41.145556; // (φ)
longitude   = -73.995;   // (λ)

mapWidth    = 200;
mapHeight   = 100;

// get x value
x = (longitude+180)*(mapWidth/360)

// convert from degrees to radians
latRad = latitude*PI/180;

// get y value
mercN = log(tan((PI/4)+(latRad/2)));
y     = (mapHeight/2)-(mapWidth*mercN/(2*PI));

For example, i get this set of lat/long -> x/y coordinates using the formulas above:

Lat:38.75521972 Lon:-9.15749114

X:170.84250886 Y:329.8315555574654

Lat:38.75522246 Lon:-9.15750143

X:170.84249857 Y:329.83154970146904

Lat:38.75523136 Lon:-9.1575128

X:170.8424872 Y:329.83153068016543

Lat:38.75520564 Lon:-9.15754718


Now i want to draw on a view canvas, for example with 300px width and 300px height how can i do it(I know the code to draw on a view, the values are the problem) ?

The x and y values are so close that i can´t see the the path, but if i pass the lat/lon to google maps API it draws the path fine. Probably i need to to something else with those x/y coordinates but i don’t know what.


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