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Apologies if this question seems rather trivial, but it's causing me some frustration.

I have a Redhat 5.3 installation, using nautilus-2.16.2-7.el5 that has two filesystems mounted. Under user1, when sending to the trash (pressing Del) on filesystem A we receive a confirmation dialogue box (do you want to etc). The behaviour is the same on filesystem B.

However, under user2, we receive the confirmation on Del on filesystem A, but NOT on filesystem B.

I've tried renaming the ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus folder and logging out/in to reset the Nautilus settings, but it's still behaving the same.

This is basically leading to users accidently deleting data, which isn't great!

Any advice would be appreciated folks!


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Turns out that creating a new user profile and copying the settings corrected the problem (even though there was nothing filesystem specific in the gconf file).

cp /home/new_username/.gconf/apps/nautilus/preferences/%gconf.xml /home/username/.gconf/apps/nautilus/preferences/

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