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I've just started using the JsUnit plugin with Hudson. The JsUnit tests are passing, but when the JsUnit plugin runs against the test output it's creating this error:

[xUnit] [ERROR] - Couldn't split JUnit testsuites for the file 'tests/jsunit/logs/JSTEST-1266764410175-0.xml' into JUnit files with one testsuite.

I'm not sure what I need to do to fix this. Here's what the output file looks like:

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This Hudson bug report might help. At least it shows the format expected by the xUnit plugin.

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Thanks for the tip Dave. I ended up borrowing the XSLT from the JsUnit plugin and creating a python script that applies the transformation and manually fixes the problem in the transformed XML. Then I added a build step at the end that runs the script on all the files that were generated by JsUnit, bypassing the JsUnit plugin entirely.

A little hacky, but it got the job done. Here's the code for anybody if they are interested.

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There is a plugin now for JsUnit integration. It appears you are using JUnit to run your JSUnit tests. They are two different things.

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