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What's a good encryption algorithm that will allow me to specify a password to encrypt text?

I'm assuming the standard algorithms out there will work cross-platform but I do need the algorithm to work in C# and Objective-C - is anyone familiar with any samples for Objective-C?


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On OS X, if the "encrypted text" you want to store is a password, you should just store it in the Keychain. It will do all of the necessary crypto for you.

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AES is probably your best bet. If I'm not mistaken you could use any C library with Objective-C... so I'm sure you could find an open source AES implementation.

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Look at System.Security.Cryptography Namespace. Some algorithms are implemented in BCL but I think the majority are just wrappers around cryptography services in Windows OS.

Try this article on CodeProject.

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For data encryption the current best practice is AES. Common Crypto is part of the Security framework and has a "C" interface. It includes AES, and the usuale crypto primstives.

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