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I want to be able to copy the text from element id 'myModal' to 'purchaseNotice' and wrap 'purchaseNotice' with new class.

var MyDiv1 = document.getElementById('myModal');
var MyDiv2 = document.getElementById('purchaseNotice').wrapInner( "<div class='new'></div>");
MyDiv2.innerHTML = MyDiv1.innerHTML;

The code above works until I add .wrapInner( "") - how shall I wrap this?

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Side note, if you're using jQuery, do this $('#purchaseNotice') not this document.getElementById('purchaseNotice') –  j08691 Apr 14 '14 at 15:29

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If you're using jQuery you can do it like this : DEMO

    $('#purchaseNotice').html($('#myModal').html()).wrapInner("<div class='new'></div>");   


Sorry, noticed you wanted to wrap the purchaseNotice in the new div. You would then use wrap() see here : http://jsfiddle.net/32tAx/1/

    $('#purchaseNotice').html($('#myModal').html()).wrap("<div class='new'></div>");   
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var MyDiv1 = document.getElementById('myModal');
var MyDiv2 = document.getElementById('purchaseNotice')

if( $("#myModal").length ) {
MyDiv2.innerHTML = MyDiv1.innerHTML;
} else {

This code works great! It copies a innerHTML of the id element 'myModal' to 'purchaseNotice', then it checks if 'myModal' exists within the DOM, if so it adds a new class, if not then hides it totally. This works great when you have a textbox in which you don' want to show this information, i.e. product/service description can contain disclaimer and you want to make it appear at the top of the screen rather then in the description itself.

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