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EDIT: It was some issue with Notepad++'s regex engine. The regex worked fine in Python.

I'm working in Notepad++. I tried to make a regexp that would transform this (if you're curious, it's a Spanish guide for a game):

*Acero: En la Estatua de Gabomba
**Absorbe PV de un enemigo

To this:

*En la Estatua de Gabomba
*Absorbe PV de un enemigo

I came up with this, but it doesn't match the text:

\*([^:]+): ([\w ]+)\n\*\*([^\n]+)

Am I missing something obvious?

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This matches in TextMate on Mac OS X. –  Robert Karl Feb 21 '10 at 16:29
Maybe it’s an issue with the line breaks. Did you try Windows’ \r\n instead? –  Gumbo Feb 21 '10 at 16:32
@robert: Yeah, I got it to work in Python, it seems to be an issue with Notepad++. I don't know why the answer that was here was deleted, but oh well. Thanks. –  Javier Badia Feb 21 '10 at 16:40
Please make a proper answer and accept it, or we'll have to clean this question away. –  dystroy Mar 19 '13 at 13:10

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It seems that Notepad++ cannot find line breaks in regex mode. You'll have to replace the line breaks with, say, |, in extended mode, apply the regex on your new string, then replace the |s with line breaks.

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Your regex is correct. Try to search for \*([^:]+): ([\w ]+) and \*\*([^\n]+) separately and it will match.

It is just that Notepad++ does not support multiline regular expressions (because Scintilla doesn't). Note that there are two different search dialogs available: Ctrl+F shows the builtin dialog, Ctrl+R shows TextFX's dialog which has more options. But TextFX doesn't support multiline search either.

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As another option to the above 2 answers, TextPad supports POSIX regular expression syntax (including multiline).

To set TextPad to use POSIX: Configure -> Preferences -> Editor -> "Use POSIX regular expression syntax"

I prefer Notepad++ myself after using TextPad for many years, but always keep TextPad on my system for multiline regular expressions and a few other things it does well.

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