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I was browsing through the QEMU-devel mailing archive, and discover a patch I would like to try out.


What is the best way to to obtain this patch, so I can do git apply <*.patch>?

Currently, I'm wget the patch in raw format, rename it, and apply it, but it is rather cumbersome.

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Copy and paste from your web browser into a text editor? –  Gavin Smith Apr 14 at 16:44
@GavinSmith I image someone already created a small utility to fetch the patch from the mailing archive and name the patch according to the patch title :) –  Patrick Apr 14 at 16:48
Maybe you can try git am instead of git apply? –  Drunix Apr 14 at 16:59
@Drunix The problem is that I did not subscribe to QEMU-devel, so I don't have mbox or maildir. Even if I subscribe today, I won't get the old message to my mbox :( –  Patrick Apr 14 at 18:51
Yes, but git am takes care of stripping the boilerplate and extracting patch name. –  Drunix Apr 14 at 18:57

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