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I get this error: LogicException: Unable to guess the mime type as no guessers are available (Did you enable the php_fileinfo extension?) while trying to upload an image. I have enabled the php_fileinfo extension and also restarted the Wamp web server but I still unable to solve this. What am I missing? Thanks

Below are my codes:

Models: Product.php

class Product extends Eloquent {

protected $fillable = array('category_id', 'title', 'description', 'price', 'availability', 'image');

public static $rules = array(

public function category() {
    return $this->belongsTo('Category');


Controllers: ProductsController.php

 public function postCreate() {
    $validator = Validator::make(Input::all(), Product::$rules);

    if($validator->passes()) {
        $product = new Product;
        $product->category_id = Input::get('category_id');
        $product->title = Input::get('title');
        $product->description = Input::get('description');
        $product->price = Input::get('price');

        $image = Input::file('image');
        $filename = date('Y-m-d-H:i:s')."-".$image->getClientOriginalName();
        $product->image = 'img/products/'.$filename;

        return Redirect::to('admin/products/index')
            ->with('message', 'Product Created');

    return Redirect::to('admin/products/index')
        ->with('message', 'Something went wrong')

Views: Index.blade.php

  {{ Form::open(array('url'=>'admin/products/create', 'files'=>true)) }}
        {{ Form::label('category_id', 'Category') }}
        {{ Form::select('category_id', $categories) }}
        {{ Form::label('title') }}
        {{ Form::text('title') }}
        {{ Form::label('description') }}
        {{ Form::textarea('description') }}
        {{ Form::label('price') }}
        {{ Form::text('price', null, array('class'=>'form-price')) }}
        {{ Form::label('image', 'Choose an image') }}
        {{ Form::file('image') }}
    {{ Form::submit('Create Product', array('class'=>'secondary-cart-btn')) }}
    {{ Form::close() }}
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try to change upload filesize limit in your php config file –  edvinas.me Apr 14 at 16:53
@edvinas.me File size limit you mentioned is upload_max_filesize? I set it to large value upload_max_filesize = 200M but still unable to resolve this. Kind of weird. –  user3227412 Apr 14 at 17:14
Do you set mimes in your code? like this: 'file' => 'mimes:jpeg,bmp,png|max:3000'. It is hard to provide any further suggestions without seeing code. –  edvinas.me Apr 14 at 17:48
Hi, thanks for reply! I have added parts of my code. I have added the rules for mimes. Any suggestion? –  user3227412 Apr 14 at 18:15
anyone can shed some light for me on this? Thanks! –  user3227412 Apr 15 at 3:23

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uncomment this line in php.ini into php folder.


and restart the server(enter 'php artisan serve' again). This way will works!

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Running XAMPP - Worked for me –  Ronburgundy Jun 29 at 17:46
I can confirm uncommenting extension=php_fileinfo.dll worked on WAMP for me, thank you sir –  haakym Jul 13 at 17:03
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I think is the WAMP Web Server's Bug. I switched to XAMPP Web Server and it works fine.

Thanks alot by the way.

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