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I tried to create an executable jar from my project on Intellij 13 (win8), following these answers How to build jars from IntelliJ properly? and execute the jar created, then I get "Error: Invaid or corrupt jarfile" followed by the path of the jar.

My project is simple, but have multiple java files and an UI form.

I call Build|Build Artifacts|Jar after create jar artifact on Project Structure|Artifacts, after build.

I created the project with a maven scafold, but there are no dependencies on pom.xml.

I'm using java7. Is something missing?


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What is the error message you are getting to indicate the the JAR is invalid or corrupt? Where are you getting the message? (i.e. when building or when you try to use it? Is it an executable jar that you are trying to run? Given you included the executable-jar tag, I would have to say yes.) Can you also provide a screenshot of your artifact configuration? Please edit your question with this information. Also, if you have a maven based project, you should be able to build a non-executable JAR just by running the package goal in the maven tool window. –  Mark Vedder Apr 14 at 21:05
Is your project set to Java7 as well, if you're using Java7 as the version for your system? –  Dropout Apr 15 at 5:17
@markVedder I added a link to screenshot and the other informations that you asked. –  Arthur Julião Apr 15 at 5:25
@dropout I have only java7 installed on computer, can't be version conflic I think –  Arthur Julião Apr 15 at 5:26
@ArthurJulião thanks for the info. May I also ask you what does your file structure look like? Is your class wrapped at least in one package? –  Dropout Apr 15 at 5:35

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Since I couldn't create a jar with the IDEA itself, and I previously create my project with maven scaffold, I decided to use maven to create executable jar. To do it I added to the pom.xml:

<name>Project Name</name>

In build tag:


And I also had problems with the UI created by GUI-Designer: NullPointerNExection in the Pane created. To make it work I added a dependency:


After that, I just used mvn package inside project directory on cmd.


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