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I'm trying to build the poco libraries with mudflap support, which requires extra compilation and link flags. I have figured out that the POCO_FLAGS variable in config.make controls the compiler flags. How do I specify link flags?

The documentation here talks about LINKFLAGS, LINKFLAGS32, and LINKFLAGS64, but I cannot figure out how to specify these, either by using ./configure or by modifying the config.make file.


I tried setting the environment variable LINKFLAGS, but this had no effect.

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Those would seem to be environment variables you set before running the build (possibly before running ./configure) and that influence the build. –  Etan Reisner Apr 14 at 19:34

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I abandoned looking for a simple way to specify poco's linkflags. I ended up removing the libs (rm -rf $POCO_ROOT/lib) and running make to get the output of the linker step that poco's build system runs to build the libraries. I copied the output into a file and manually added in the linkflags that I needed. I also had to change the make[1]: Entering directory... lines to cd .... I then ran the file as a bash script. All seems to be working. If someone posts a simpler way to do this involving the configure script or environment variables or hacking the makefile, I'll accept that answer.

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If you are using the last stable version (1.4.6p4), you should look at poco-1.4.6p4\build\config directory and edit your compiler configuration there.

I think this is what you are looking for.

Take a look at this link: Compile Poco with MinGW on Windows


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