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Im passing a proxy object in to a method which expects a specific argument type, the proxy object isn't an instance of the expected type however it does through it's noSuchMethod support all the functionality of the expected concrete type, I want to keep the argument type specification for static type checking whilst I'm coding, I would also like to keep the type checking on whilst I'm debugging my code, but I thought it wouldn't throw type exceptions when the class that causes the error is a proxy object? is there anyway to do this with all the type checking on?

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You could implement the argument type.

class MyProxy implements MyArgumentType {
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the problem is my proxy is such that it implements every type there is in my library, assuming they follow a certain pattern, which they do. and it is used in many places so I'd have to class MyProxy implements A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I ... add infinum which just isn't practical :(. –  0xor1 Apr 14 at 18:59
I'll mark this as the correct answer as for most it will probably be a good solution. –  0xor1 Apr 14 at 20:12

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