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I am currently using 2x google fonts for my website.

The words that is styled with these google fonts seems to be render very slow, I have placed the http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> at the bottom of the page, to make Google Pagespeed Insights happy.

But when I read at the Google Font page, it says, place it right after the 1st line in your head tag.

So my question is, should I follow the Google Font recommendation or the Insight one?

Thanks Jack

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I usually include fonts in the header –  Senju Apr 14 at 20:11
So, breaking the Google Page Insight recommendation, is the best way to go? –  Jack Apr 14 at 20:14
Just comes down to the way your code is setup, and what you want to be loaded first/last. If including the fonts in the footer is working and the fonts are being applied where you want them, then it should be fine to keep it there. –  Joe Komputer Apr 14 at 20:14

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It needs to be in the first line in your head tag. Google give some insight as to the impact any font will have on page load times. What you are actually doing by having them at the bottom is rendering your page in one font then rendering it again with the Google font.

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Great explanation, thanks ;) –  Jack Apr 14 at 20:20

You have to place in <head></head> and not in the <body></body>

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