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I have this datagridview:

my datagrid

using this procedure:

 alter proc [dbo].[verfornecex1] (@FILA INT )   as
 select idfornec,nome,conta,ativo from tbfornec
 where Nome is not null and IdFornec = @fila
 order by Nome 

I have written this code:

SqlConnection conec2 = Tconex.Minifim();
DataSet grava = new DataSet();
       SqlDataAdapter dap1 = new SqlDataAdapter();
       SqlCommandBuilder constru9 = new SqlCommandBuilder(dap1);
       SqlCommand llena11 = new SqlCommand("verfornecex1", conec2);
       llena11.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
       SqlParameter tpd = new SqlParameter("@fila", SqlDbType.Int);
       tpd.Value = vlz;
       dap1.SelectCommand = llena11;
       dap1.Fill(grava, "fabricante");
       DataRow dr3 = grava.Tables["fabricante"].NewRow();
       dr3["ativo"] = 1;
       dap1.Update(grava, "fabricante");

But something is wrong there. I use DataSet because DataTable doesn't make update.

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Try running dap.Fill again after the update. –  Michael Todd Apr 15 '14 at 20:18

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Do you have a connection to the database?, probably that is conec2, but just check it

I think you're missing a DataTable function?

SqlCommand llena11 = new SqlCommand("verfornecex",conec2);
SqlDataAdapter dap1 = new SqlDataAdapter();
dap1.SelectCommand = llena11;
DataTable grava = new DataTable();
dap1.Fill(grava, "fabricante");
dataGridView1.DataSource = grava;
dapt1.Update(grava, "fabricante");

Hope this helps a little...

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