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I would like to reuse already installed in the system Chromium browser and do not additionally install Chrome (because then I can't use Chromium at the same time - they share one profile folder by default on OSX, also for other reasons)

Here are ideas, the problem is - they are just conceptual, not ready to implement:

  • edit Brackets configs (didn't find much of them) to call Chromium (how it calls)
  • edit Chromium configs (to mimic the Chrome?)
  • use dev tools remote debugger and connect to created web-socket
  • create link to Chromium via: sudo ln -s ~/Applications/Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/Chromium /usr/bin/google-chrome // didn't work
  • connect to the simple static server from the folder (via httpster) // didn't work

How is it possible to use Chromium instead of Google Chrome to use Brackets' Live Development feature?

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I also tried the simlink option but it didn't work but the thing is that in osx chrome is installed in a different path than linux... –  Axel Martinez May 8 '14 at 10:13

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On Mac, Brackets locates Chrome based on its bundle identifier. So in theory, if you hack Chromium's Info.plist to change its bundle id to com.google.Chrome (and I guess remove or patch any copies of Chrome that might collide with that) -- then Brackets should launch Chromium for you.

In the future, Brackets plans to make this more configurable as an official feature - but it's not there yet.

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