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I have been looking for a way to reload our Spring Security UserDetails object every request and cannot find an example anywhere.

Does anyone know how to do such a thing?

Basically, we want to reload a user's authorities every request because that user's authorities might change from web request to web request.

For instance, a user that is logged in and is subsequently granted a new authority (and is notified that they have a new authority via email), the only way that I know of that user actually gaining that new authority is by logging out and then logging back in again. Which I would like to avoid if possible.

Any friendly advice is appreciated.

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What method are you using for your requests? Just Spring MVC or REST, because if you are using REST you could secure your methods to user authorities and use a class that implements HandlerInterceptorAdapter. If you are using REST just google securing REST controllers Spring Framework and you should get some nice examples –  James Massey Apr 15 at 5:39
You can find answers in this thread stackoverflow.com/questions/892733/… –  Vladimír Schäfer Apr 15 at 5:53
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