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I have a view controller that allows users to add an nsstring to an array that is the source for a uitableview directly underneath the add string uitextfield. I want to add the string to the uitablview as soon as its added to the backend array. ive tried a couple different things and im not really sure how to do it. my feeling is that i need to put a reloadData somewhere but im not sure when or where.

Any suggestions?



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I'd send the table view a reloadData message as soon as you've added the string to your backend array.

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i actually have two view controllers on the same view so I had to reference one as an iboutlet inside the parent viewcontroller, works a treat thanks so much. – nickthedude Feb 21 '10 at 21:40

Yes, just call [tableView reloadData] after you have added the item to the array. If that is not working then maybe something else is wrong.

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