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Is there any difference between initializing using

HashSet<Integer> s = new HashSet(2) 


HashSet<Integer> s = new HashSet<Integer>(2)


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9 characters, unless you throw in some whitespace. (In reality a HashSet has no member type assigned to it, so a new HashSet() is a "universal donor" and can be assigned to a HashSet reference with any member type.) –  Hot Licks Apr 15 '14 at 2:00

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Interestingly, compiling with javac 1.7.0_07:

Compiles with unchecked warning --

HashSet<Integer> s0 = new HashSet(2);

Compiles with no messages --

HashSet<Integer> s1 = new HashSet<>(2);
HashSet<Integer> s2 = new HashSet<Integer>(2);
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Exactly as you would expect. What's so interesting? –  EJP Apr 15 '14 at 3:24
@EJP - Well, for one that there's the meaningless distinction between new HashSet(2) and new HashSet<>(2). –  Hot Licks Apr 15 '14 at 13:39

The only difference is that the first one will give you a compiler warning about the raw type 'HashSet'.

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