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Suppose I have an HTML document that I have tokenized, how could I transform it into a new document or apply some other transformations?

For example, suppose I have this HTML:

  <p><a href="/foo">text</a></p>
  <p>Hello <span class="green">world</span></p>

What I have currently written is a tokenizer that outputs a stream of tokens. For this document they would be (written in pseudo code):


But now I don't have any idea how could I use this stream to create some transformations.

For example, I would like to rewrite TAG_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE[/foo] in TAG_OPEN[a] TAG_ATTRIBUTE[href] to something else.

Another transformation I would like to do is make it output TAG_ATTRIBUTE[href] attributes after the TAG_OPEN[a] in parenthesis, for example,

<a href="/foo">text</a>

gets rewritten into

<a href="/foo">text</a>(/foo)

What is the general strategy for doing such transformations? There are many other transformations I would like to do, like stripping all tags and just leaving TEXT content, adding tags after some specific tags, etc.

Do I need to create the parse tree? I have never done it and don't know how to create a parse tree from a stream of tokens. Or can I do it somehow else?

Any suggestions are welcome.

And one more thing - I would like to learn all this parsing myself, so I am not looking for a library!

Thanks beforehand, Boda Cydo

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If we can assume that the html is xml compliant, then xslt would be a way to go. But I am assuming that would be out as you seem to want to write your own parser (not sure why). If you really want to write a parser (I'd write parse rules, not your own parser engine) take a look at antlr and MS oslo.

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i just want to learn how to do transformations like these! –  bodacydo Feb 21 '10 at 21:20
More power to you. Just think you're going about it the wrong way - using the wrong tool/paradigm. –  brian Feb 21 '10 at 22:02

There are various ways of parsing/traversing an XML/HTML tree. Perhaps I can point you to:-


If you want to do pre-order or post-order manipulation of DOM elements, you can use the algorithm described there.

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thanks, looking into it! –  bodacydo Feb 21 '10 at 21:13

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