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I have a table for my project tasks here and I would like to have a view that under each month, how many mandays are required for a certain tasks. As a task (e.g. task 01) covers from Jan-Mar, I want to show exact man days under Jan, Feb & Mar. However I fail to do so and just manage to show the number of days only under Mar. What should I do?

Project Task   StartDate  EndDate

ProjectA   01   03-JAN  02-MAR
ProjectA   02   15-JAN  20-JAN

TRANSFORM DateDiff("d", [Tasks].[StartDate], [Tasks].[DueDate]) AS 值
SELECT [Projects].[Project], [Tasks].[TaskTitle], DateDiff("d", [Tasks].[StartDate], [Tasks].[DueDate]) AS NoOfDays
FROM Projects LEFT JOIN Tasks ON [Projects].[ID] =[Tasks].[ProjectID]
WHERE [Projects].[Project] = 'ProjectA'
GROUP BY [Projects].[Project], [Tasks].[Task], DateDiff("d", [Tasks].[StartDate], [Tasks].[DueDate]) ORDER BY [Projects].[ProjectName], [Tasks].[TaskTitle]
PIVOT Format ([Tasks].[StartDate], "MMM-YYYY");
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