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I want to clone http://hg.tryton.org/2.8/trytond/ 2.8 branch. Project uses hgnested extension and recommends checking out with hg nclone url. Current version of project is newer (3.0 or 3.2).

Standard nclone checks out current default. If I specify specific branch to clone, module (hgnested repos) clone fails because of missing revision, branch, etc. in one of nested repos.


  1. How does hgnested know where other "repositories" located?
  2. How does hgnested manages list of nested repositories (like .hgsub file or something)
  3. Hwo do I clone specific branch with nested repositories specific to that branch?
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  1. hgnested searchs for hg-subrepositories in the current directory tree.
  2. There is no need to manage them explicitly, see question no. 1
  3. hg nclone -b 3.2 http://hg.tryton.org/trytond This will work, because each subrepo(=Tryton module in this case) has a branch 3.2. At the moment you cannot do this for the 2.8 version, because there are new modules without 2.8-branch. The nclone exits on error on the first module without existing 2.8-branch.

You could pull the whole repo with "hg nclone http://hg.tryton.org/trytond" and do an "hg nupdate -r 2.8". You will get an error on each module without 2.8-branch, but you could delete all of them.

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