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How we can make a text file with a pattern of hex numbers in increasing order using the VIM editor? I need a pattern like below:


is it possible with repeat operation?

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One solution would be to create a macro. <c-a> will increment the number under the cursor by 1. If the number starts with a 0x it will be interpreted as a a hex number.

From the documentation :h CTRL-A

The CTRL-A command is very useful in a macro.  Example: Use the following
steps to make a numbered list.

1. Create the first list entry, make sure it starts with a number.
2. qa        - start recording into register 'a'
3. Y         - yank the entry
4. p         - put a copy of the entry below the first one
5. CTRL-A    - increment the number
6. q         - stop recording
7. <count>@a - repeat the yank, put and increment <count> times

After words you might need to remove 0x from the numbers and make them upper case.

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Thanks A lot, this is what I want – imbichie Apr 15 '14 at 4:56
:put =map(range(0,65535), 'printf(''%04x'', v:val)')
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use %04X for upper case hex letters – FDinoff Apr 15 '14 at 4:53

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