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I have this piece of code which read some parameters from files:

int readInput()
    cfFile = fopen(CONFIGFILE,"r");
    inFile = fopen(INPUTFILE,"r");
    char line[boardWidth+1];
    for (int i=0;i<boardHeight;++i)
        //int l = i;
        for (int j=0;j<boardWidth;++j)
            int val = 0;
            if (line[j] == 'r') val = 0;
            if (line[j] == 'b') val = 1;
            if (line[j] == '_') val = 2;
            if (line[j] == 'x') val = 3;

When I ran, it gave me memory error. Turned out that the value of i was changed after the fscanf(inFile,"%s",line) to 2403 or something. It is very strange. If I add the line int l = i above, it runs without error, but changing this to int l doesn't work. I've also tried to change the length of line to boardWidth + 2 and the code runs infinitely.

Anyone can explain what's happening in this situation? Because although the code with the added line ran, I'm still afraid of unseen bugs.

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Make a complete test case with all variable declarations and a main –  Dieter Lücking Apr 15 at 5:43
Make sure there is no memory leak in the other part of the code. –  Rikayan Bandyopadhyay Apr 15 at 5:43
Add a sample of the file triggering the problem. –  naab Apr 15 at 5:45
Possibly the line in a file is longer than your line buffer, so data read by fscanf() overflowed it and some other part of the stack got overwritten. And variable i is stored somewhere in that area, so got overwritten, too. –  CiaPan Apr 15 at 5:46
fscanf with %s is just as dangerous as gets. Never use it. –  Charles Bailey Apr 15 at 6:34

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what is the definition of line? It is (very) probable you are read more characters than the variables size.

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