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How can TypeScript 1.0 be compiled in the browser?

I presume it should be as simple as loading the relevant typescript JS files, creating an instance of the right class (compiler?) and calling a method or two.

This isn't asking for any specific tool, but ANY way to do this with this particular computer language, and thus is on topic.

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Why would you want to do that? You should use TypeScript for development only, have a file watcher (or have a build script) to compile the ts file to js file when the files is changed, and load the compiled js to the browser (both in development and production). Since the compiler adds reference to the source map (compile it using the --sourcemap option) you'll be able to debug in the browser on the TypeScript file, so you get it all... –  Nitzan Tomer Apr 16 at 10:18
For many reasons, but yes for production code you wouldn't normally want to. But some reasons could be building a playground like that on typescriptlang.org, or in building a web IDE, or web based compiler, or maybe a compiler than then copies files to servers via cloud services. In my case i'm just looking for a pithy example without the full burden of TSC to do compilation of a single file. My scenario wasn't actually in the browser, but in a PowerShell script hosting the Chakra JS engine, but the simplest way to get there was a simple browser based script. –  klumsy Apr 17 at 4:30

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You can use typestring : https://github.com/gavinhungry/typestring to compile the TS to JS. Then simply execute the JS using eval.

However do not do this in production as it is going to be slow (and possibly unsafe).

You can use browserify to load npm packages in the browser.

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