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I have a script, I want to run on Oracle Database , script has many updates statements. script update some uni-character to blank.

I am not able to copy some uni-character -----------like check below statements which are in the script

Copy on note pad ++ so you can find uni- character

UPDATE Project
set PPNO =TRIM(replace(PPNO,'  ',''));

set SENIOR =trim( replace( SENIOR,'',' '));

I also run this script from SQLplus cammand line but its fails. when I run on toad then its shows error that ora 01756 quoted string not properly terminated error but same script has run properly on sql developer

Please help that how can I ran this script without sql developer

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I am using Toad for Oracle 12.1 Trial version, my script is properly works on sql developer but when I ran on Toad then its shows error ora 01756 quoted string not properly terminated –  hardik rawal Apr 15 at 7:36

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