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How to make a CMFCToolBar display its buttons' text labels right to their icons?

Because a CMFCToolBar is not a standard common control Toolbar, I can't just set a TBSTYLE_LIST flag to do it.

I can't use a CToolBar or CToolBarCtrl instead because they don't work well with my CDockablePanes.

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Can't you use CreateEx and pass TBSTYLE_LIST as the dwCtrlStyle parameter?

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I can do that, but that doesn't work. – EFanZh Apr 15 '14 at 7:32

Try the EnableTextLabels function of the CMFCToolBar -- says "Enables or disables text labels under toolbar button images"

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I want the text label to show on the right side of button image, not under it. – EFanZh Apr 15 '14 at 8:53
I've taken a look at the source code of the CMFCToolbar class (afxtoolbar.cpp), there doesn't seem to be any possibility of having the text to the right -- it even disables text display when the toolbar is docked to the left of the window – Edward Clements Apr 15 '14 at 12:17

Those classes were ported from the BCG toolkit. The documentation is pretty poor. You should be able to set the button class public member variable m_bText to true and set the text in m_strText.

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You should use CMFCToolBar::SetToolBarBtnText() method. Toolbar must be created with TBSTYLE_FLAT control style.

  m_MyToolBar.SetToolBarBtnText( MyToolBar.CommandToIndex(ID_MY_CMD), _T("My command"));

That is all.

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