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I've decided to learn version control and I have zero knowledge. I've read some tutorials and articles about subversions some time now but just can't figure it out! :)

I have my current project in localhost atm and going to move it in my live server for first testing purpose and then offcourse releasing it for public. I still want to keep working it first localhost and then update working code into live server. I just don't know how to do it...

I have Versions in my Mac which I find really nice app.. well I think it is.

Could someone please provide me step-by-step guide what should I do?

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Preferred Solution

  • Move subversion repository to remote server
  • Change local repository to use new remote server
  • Commit changes as required

Dual Master Repository Version

  • Use patch from local repository, copy to remote server, commit changes
  • Checkout from the remote server, copy files from local repository, then commit back upstream
  • Or just sync your subversion folder to the server for read-only access (removing private files if required)

Pro's & Cons for 2 Master Repositories

  • PRO: Local repository can contain all sorts of private/restricted documents that are not copied to public repository
  • CON: Patch/Change management needs to be done to ensure all changes are synced between both repositories
  • CON: Cannot use any other developers as repository not available over the Internet
  • PRO: Commits can be done into remote repository at specific revisions instead of uploading every commit made to local repository

My 0.2 cents worth

If you need to have files inside the SVN repository that you don't want shared with the world, use the 2 repository method, otherwise just use a single repository that is remotely hosted. Having only 1 master repository will make life easier in the future and also change management procedures.

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