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Is there any way that I can develop an app for Firefox OS that uses a certified API and install it on my own phone?

Our specific need is for telephony data such as signal strength. We can do this on Android without any difficulty (indeed, we could put the app on Google Play if we wanted to). But we just need to install it on a small number of in-house phones.

It seems that Firefox OS considers it to be in some way a security risk to find out the signal strength of the cell tower, and similar telephony data. Am I correct in assuming that there is no way that Firefox OS will let a developer app read this data?

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If you are using Firefox OS 1.2 > you should be able to push a certified app to a unlocked phone for testing purposes. I put in code like:

    testconn.onclick = function () {

        var cnx = navigator.mozMobileConnection;

        if (cnx.voice.connected) {
            console.log("The signal has a strength of " + (+cnx.voice.relSignalStrength) + "%");
        } else {
            console.log("The state of the connection is: " + cnx.voice.state);


and entered the following permission in the manifest:

  "permissions": {
  "type": "certified"
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That might be enough. Is it difficult to unlock a phone? –  Martin Ellison Apr 16 at 2:44
by 'unlocked', do you just mean 'not tied to a carrier', or do you mean 'rooted'? –  Martin Ellison Apr 16 at 2:52
actually you may be do this to any phone you setup with remote debugging and using the app manager. What phone do you have? –  Jason Weathersby Apr 16 at 3:14

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